The UARRC processes and sells recyclable material. This is $MART as it offsets tax dollars spent managing solid waste. When recyclables are thrown in the trash the offset is reduced. This can increase the expense to haul away and dispose of the trash. Fewer recyclables in the trash means less cost to haul away AND the more recycled, the greater the returned revenue when commodities are sold to market.


The goal of our recycling center is to reduce the amount of trash entering into the solid waste stream. The UARRC is where participating towns and residents bring recyclable materials, including Universal Hazardous Waste and Mixed Electronic Waste.

Unity Area Regional Recycling Center

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Effective Immediately - We no longer accept Glass, Rigid and #1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 plastics. We still accept #4 stretch films and wraps.
  • For referencing plastic types and resin codes, please use this PDF as a guide. Explanation of resin codes and consumer product types that use these codes are provided in this informational link:

     Consumer Guide to Recycling Codes

Business Hours:

               Tuesday-Friday 9AM-4PM

               Saturday 8AM-1PM

               Closed Sunday/Monday

Phone - 207-568-3117