Unity Area Regional Recycling Center

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  • Food waste
  • Grass clippings, lawn, compost
  • Furniture (e.g. brown goods)
  • Construction debris, wood, sheet rock, demolition debris
  • Large appliances such as clothes dryers, washers, dishwashers, stoves
  • Tires
  • Trash
  • Styrofoam- including sheet foam, formed packing foam, foam rubber. 
    • Exception: We accept reusable foam packing peanuts, both the biodegradable and non-biodegradable type.
  • PVC
  • Vinyl
  • Rubber and canvas
  • Soil or mulch bags
  • Plastics from agricultural use--greenhouses, hoop houses, silage/haylage bags, boat wrap
  • Woven plastic bags (plastic dog/cat food bags, grain bags, livestock feed bags).
  • Candy wrappers, potato chip/pretzel bags.
  • Wet paper (water is a contaminant)
  • Auto or industrial fluids (petroliates) or the containers for these fluids:
    • Motor oil, transmission oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, 2-cycle oil, hydraulic fluids, combustible liquids.
  •  "Paper" juice cartons, "paper" ice cream containers- these "paper" items are impregnated with a wax, and currently have no market.
  • Tempered glass- i.e. windows, mirrors, auto glass, picture frame glass. These items have different fracturing properties than the accepted bottles and jars. 
  • Rigid Plastic