Unity Area Regional Recycling Center

EFFECTIVE 3/2/2021:  We ARE accepting glass again!  We will be accepting household recycling (glass jars and bottles).  We ask that all material be clean and dry, with no tops or lids.  We also ask that any labels be removed to the best of your ability.  We cannot accept glass with metal attached (such as canning jars with the metal fasteners).  

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  • Bottles and Jars
  • All colored bottles and jars
  • Canning/pickle  jars
  • Broken jars or bottles. Use Caution when handling broken glass!
  • Remove all lids and caps (metal lids can be sorted  with the steel cans, and plastic lids can be sorted with the #1, 3-7 plastics).

We do not accept:

  • Window glass/mirrors​
  • Dishes/crockery/drinking glasses/Pyrex
  • Glass coffee pots
  • Ceramics